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18 04, 2008

Making the Turns at Stanley Mitchell – March/08

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By Olivia Yuel What an amazing trip! Half of our group (Steve, Dave & Bill) travelled into the Stanley Mitchell hut on March 12, but Bette, Bob and I began our journey a day late because Bob was still recovering from a serious lung infection. The temperature was a bit cool at 7:30 in the [...]

16 04, 2008

Sir Edmund Hillary – A Tribute

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PHOTO: Sir Edmund Hillary's casket leaves his funeral service in New Zealand. Photo courtesy of Mark Watson/New Zealand Alpine Club. A goofy but heartfelt tribute to the late Everest pioneer has been recorded by the New Zealand singer/songwriters Jody Lloyd and Tim Kelleher. Keying off the Hillary portrait on New Zealand's five-dollar note, the chorus [...]

7 04, 2008

Fairy Meadows in Winter

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by Dave McCormick I've discovered a new way to get to visit some great backcountry ski destinations.... It's the same strategy I've talked about before - volunteering for the ACC - you get to go to all sorts of great places. I got this phone call on a Wednesday offering me a trip into Fairy [...]