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25 07, 2008

Camping Food

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Quite naturally after a hard day climbing and scrambling, camp participants' thoughts turned to food. There was a fair bit of discussion about what everyone else was eating, where they got their recipies and so on. One book was mentioned several times - Lip Smackin Backpackin Two recommendations from that book were "Tahoe Chicken Curry" [...]

25 07, 2008

Guide Books

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Several participants at the recent Mountaineering Camp were interested to know where they could learn more.There are two guide books that have been found very useful by many others.First is Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. Next would be Sean Dougherty's Selected Alpine Climbs.Find a climbing partner or two, start off easy, and have [...]

25 07, 2008

Neat Knots

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People into climbing and mountaineering need to know a few knots. Animated Knots is a website that shows you step-by-step how to tie all those puzzling things. There are several categories and some knots are featured in more than one place. Highly recommended.

24 07, 2008

SK Section Mountaineering Camp – Overview

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A group of us just finished 4 days in the Little Yoho Valley participating in the Section's Mountaineering Camp. More stories, reports and pictures are forthcoming, but the short story is: Day 1 - met and hiked in to Stanley Mitchell. Got organized, practiced knots, roped travel principles, discussed camp activities and objectives. Day 2 [...]