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20 03, 2011

Beginners’ Ice Climbing – February 2011

2013-02-10T21:10:11+00:00 March 20th, 2011|climbing, trip reports|

The ACC Sask's annual Choppers Ice Climbing trip took place in February 2011.20 participants headed out to Nordegg, Alberta for ice climbing combined with hot tubbing as a recovery. Day 1 had the group head out to Balfour Wall to accommodate an unexpected Adventure Race at one of our planned locations.The day started [...]

19 03, 2011

More Reflections on the Mountain Film Festival

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[comments from Myrene, our Film Festival Coordinator...]"We had over a thousand people in the theatre (hey, we're halfway to my goal of filling it since a TCU Place staffer tells me it holds 2000). The audience comprised our usual mix of about 1/2 university/college students, with the balance a more or less even mix of [...]