ACC Sask 2014 Photo Contest

Presenting the Alpine Club of Canada, Saskatchewan Section’s 2014 Photo Contest!.

The winners will get prizes for the winning photo as judged by the judging panel, in each of the following 6 categories:

Acrophobia / Aerial
Gear & Equipment

1. Submission Deadline is December 17, 2014 January 7, 2015.
2. Contest is open to Alpine Club of Canada, Saskatchewan Section current members only
3. Two (Yes TWO) entries are allowed per member per category
4. The photo…
a) Must be an original. Not copied or reproduced from a third party source.
b) Black and white or colour
c) JPEG electronic format (.jpg) only.
5. All submitted entries are released to be shown in a slide show at a club social event and to be viewed by the public at the section’s hosting of the BMFF.
6. All contestants must have the consent of any recognizable individuals that appear in the photograph.
7. All submitted entries are released to be used in the ACC Sask Section’s 2015 Calendar if produced.

How to submit:

1. Photo submissions accepted by email only to You can send multiple photos in one email.

2. Name your photo as follows for each category that you enter

For example
Weather: WeatherDonChodzicki.jpg
Acrophobia: AcrophobiaDonChodzicki.jpg
Water: WaterDonChodzicki.jpg
Gear: GearDonChodzicki.jpg
Surreal: SurrealDonChodzicki.jpg
Motion: MotionDonChodzicki.jpg

3. If possible, please include the following information:
a) Where the picture was taken
b) Give the picture a title
c) Write a sentence or two about the picture