The Saskatchewan Section of the Alpine Club of Canada has an automated mailing list system.  The list will be used to notify you about section events and activities and also allow members to distribute information or initiate discussions of interest to other members.

Subject to the conditions noted below, messages to the group are to be sent to:

PLEASE remember that any message sent to our mailing list is going to everyone on the list, a large group of busy people. Therefore, we ask that you restrict use of the list to ACC Saskatchewan Section-related material. Do NOT send junk mail, chain letters, jokes, virus warnings, personal messages, etc.

Anyone can subscribe, unsubscribe or make changes to their personal settings.

Visit:  and follow the instructions found there.

Once you are a list member, e-mail messages sent to will be sent to everyone on the list.  Please use this carefully. Your messages will be read by everyone!

By default, if you send replies to a message they go to the sender (or poster) of the message, not to the everyone on the list.

You may receive a monthly message reminding you about your membership in the list.  You may choose to turn this feature off.  Visit the link above to do this – make changes by entering your e-mail address in the box at the bottom of the page.  Remember to click on the “Submit Changes” button at the bottom of the screen!

If you are having any problems with the mailing list, please don’t send concerns to the list address but instead please contact: