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What we do

We enjoy getting out to the mountains to hike and scramble. Scrambling is ascending a non-technical mountain with the summit as the end goal. Scrambling can usually involve negotiating lower angle rock, traveling through talus and scree but does not involve traveling on extremely steep slopes or on glaciers.
Rock climbing is physically and mentally demanding, often testing a climber’s strength, endurance, agility, balance and mental control. We enjoy getting together to climb outdoors and indoors to improve and learn new skills.
Ice Climbing uses ice tools and crampons to climb features such as icefalls and frozen waterfalls. Mixed climbing involves using ice tools on both rock and ice. This is fun and challenging winter activity that we enjoy in the mountains.
Mountaineering involves attempting to reach the summit of big mountains. Mountaineering requires expertise in rock, snow and glacier travel along with athletic ability and technical knowledge to maintain safety. Join us on our annual Mountaineering Camp to learn and practice these skills.
There is no better way than on a pair skis to enjoy the backcountry of the mountains in winter. From steep slopes to long traverses such as the classic Wapta Traverse, we love to do it all.
In partnership with Prairie Dog Racing, we organize and host a number of adventure races that last from a few hours till all day. These races may challenge you to run, ride, paddle or even ski while navigating urban or rugged terrain to find checkpoints.

The Prairie Pitch Blog

204, 2016

Photo Contest – the Section needs a new display photo!

The Saskatchewan Section wants to update the club display and we need your help to select a suitable photo for a life-size enlargement. We are asking members to review their photo collections and submit photos that would be appropriate to promote the club to the public. If your photo is selected by the judging committee we will pay you $100 cash!

2709, 2015

Flatlanders in a Vertical World

Since I was young, I always had a profound fascination and love the mountains. In the summer of 2015, I had my first opportunity to go on a week ­long mountaineering section trip. This would be my first time doing any sort of general mountaineering. I was so excited for this opportunity I signed up immediately when registration opened months before the trip would happen in late July.