Thanks for a great experience

//Thanks for a great experience

Thanks for a great experience

On the September long weekend this year Joy an I had the opportunity to join the Alpine Club of Canada- Saskatchewan Section- Thrashers Weekend on their annual climbing trek to Kananaskis. As first time rock climbers we were not sure what to expect but we thought if all else fails there would be good shopping in Canmore and Banff. So along we went and so glad we did. We had a great time and enjoyed absolutely wonderful weather! The team leaders and members were fantastic! We arrived the first morning in the parking lot where we were met by Ivan. He welcomed us and had us complete the necessary paperwork and gave us our equipment. They were very well organized and made sure everyone felt welcome and included in the group. Once at the climbing area we noticed the leaders had arrived earlier and had set up a variety of lines from beginner to more advanced, making sure everybody had a positive climbing experience. The team leaders and members provide excellent instruction on how to climb and more importantly, stressing the importance of the safety aspect, ensuring everybody’s safety. As first time climbers we felt at all times confident in their leadership. They constantly and gently encouraged us to try different routes but never pushing too hard that made us nervous and climbing beyond our limits. We would like to extend a huge “Thank you” to the group for making our first, but not last climbing experience, a very positive, safe, and enjoyable time!!

Thank you….Joy and Debbie

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